Become a StayLinked Partner

StayLinked Value Added Resellers

Join The Growing Community of StayLinked Partners Delivering the Next Generation of Terminal Emulation Solutions Stay-Linked is sold through our network of Certified Partners—a dedicated team of solution providers with extensive knowledge of the StayLinked solution.  

VAR Benefits

  • Add Value to RF/Wireless Devices
  • Offer a High-ROI Customer-Focused “Solution”
  • Gain a Competitive Advantage
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduce Support Issues with Wireless Terminals
  • Experience Smooth Wireless Terminal Deployments
  • Receive Leads from Stay-Linked Marketing Efforts
  • Benefit From Highly Competitive Pricing and Discount Structure


StayLinked Strategic Technology Partners

StayLinked has established formal Partnerships with a select group of our industry's best hardware and software providers. These partnerships add real value by combining “best-in-class” compatible technologies with our core StayLinked software to create leading-edge solution stacks that deliver unrivaled functionality.