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The Most Secure, Flexible and Reliable Terminal Emulation for the Enteprise

StayLinked connects any mobile device to any host-based application such as SAP, Oracle, JDA, Highjump, Manhattan Associates, and Red Prairie Warehouse Management Systems.

StayLinked host-based terminal emulation is the most reliable, high performance method of running your existing applications on any mobile device including those running iOS and Android operating systems. As the most reliable, high speed, and secure Mobile Terminal Emulation solution, StayLinked is designed and tailored for the evolving business needs of our extensive customer community. Trust StayLinked to protect your technology investment by delivering your application to whatever mobile devices best fit your unique business case. In less than 30 minutes you can have the entire system installed and try it for yourself.


NOTE: SmartTE features are incorporated in StayLinked version 14.0 and newer. There is no separate download for SmartTE.

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