Voice-enable your StayLinked Application

For more information about quickly and easily adding voice capabilities to your existing StayLinked application please fill out the form and we will contact you right away! AccuSpeechMobile for StayLinked The inherent benefits of voice technology have been proven to deliver significant improvements in productivity, accuracy, and safety. However, traditional voice solutions are too expensive, too disruptive, and take far too long to implement.



AccuSpeechMobile for StayLinked delivers a non-invasive, serverless method of adding voice capabilities to your StayLinked installation with no changes to your existing host-based applications. Now you can realize all the benefits of voice while avoiding costly, complex server-based voice integration and host application changes typical of yesterday’s server-dependent voice architectures. The AccuSpeechMobile voice solution is used by industry leading enterprises who demand a more flexible, lower cost, more innovative solution that’s easier to use, deploy, change and maintain. With AccuSpeechMobile, customers achieve increases in productivity with faster, more accurate distribution, increased end-user satisfaction, and substantial reductions in operational costs.