Redeem your free SmartTE launch services for Zebra TC8000 and WT6000 mobile computers*

StayLinked SmartTE, the most reliable and secure Terminal Emulation(TE) solution available, allows you to transform your TE app to a modern touchscreen app in hours, not weeks or months as with other products.
SmartTE Datasheet  |  TE Modernization Datasheet


With the purchase of five (5) or more Zebra TC8000 or WT6000 mobile computers, you will be eligible for the following free SmartTE technical launch services from StayLinked:

  • Installation
    Assistance (remote) with installation of SmartTE Server, Admin, Clients; Initial configuration for Telnet/SSH host; Validation of end-to-end application connectivity; Initial configuration of keyboard map and barcode settings in Server for application compatibility.
  • Security 
    Enable & Configure Blowfish encryption; Configure Administrator software user profiles (Admin, Help Desk, On-site Support, etc.); Set Client configuration password; Define fixed network port ranges for consideration of connections passing through a firewall (Internet, wide-area, remote sites).
  • SmartTE
    Introduction to SmartTE client capabilities; Initial configuration of SmartKeyboard (transparency, haptic feedback, keyboard layout selection); Define Extended Keys toolbar; Design Modernized graphic sign-on screen; Evaluate host menus and screens for initial Dynamic Screen Modernization; Configure SmartMenu behavior; Identify high-value TE screens for Screen Designer work.
  • StayLinked iQ Embedded
    Enable built-in database for usage tracking; Add user id capture for session and device usage history; Configure logging/network statistics for preferred level of historical visibility; Configure iQ embedded license utilization alerts; Introduction to accessing the iQ dashboard; Identify candidate workflows for Activity Tracking.

*Customers must provide ISVs with an invoice or other proof of purchase for the Zebra units. Launch services must be scheduled with StayLinked within 30 days of device purchase and the customer will have 90 days from purchase date to take full advantage of the offer.